About Trinity Church

We are a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, worshipping in Syosset, NY. Trinity Church began as a mission work of the OPC in Franklin Square, having our first worship service in September 2011. We become a particular church in November 2012.

The Session

Ben Miller, Pastor

In 1999, Benjamin W. Miller received his juris doctor degree from Oak Brook College of Law, and was subsequently admitted to the California bar. Thereafter, he attended Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, receiving his master of divinity degree in 2005. He served as associate pastor of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Franklin Square, New York, from December 2005 to September 2011. In September 2011, he became an evangelist in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and the organizing pastor of Trinity Church, now a particularized church within the OPC. He and his beloved wife Sarah have been blessed with four children, Katie, Andrew, Kenton, and Brieyn. Ben is also the author of The Kingdom Has Drawn Near: Studies In The Gospel Jesus Preached.

Gene Mayer, Elder

Gene was ordained as a deacon and later as an elder at the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Franklin Square, NY. Gene also serves on the commission overseeing the Reformation Presbyterian Church mission work in Fresh Meadows, NY. He and his wife Rhonda have two children, Jared and Sarah.

Dr. David Innes, Teacher

David earned his Ph.D. in political science in 1992 from Boston College. After teaching in Massachusetts liberal arts colleges, he turned to the pastoral ministry, serving a church and boarding school in Iowa from 1997-2004. He then returned to academic teaching in New York. Having worshipped for several years at Franklin Square OPC with his wife Jessica and four children, Eowyn, David, Alexander, and Abigail, he now serves on the session at Trinity Church.

Eric Farkas, Elder

Eric served as a deacon at the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Franklin Square, NY, before being ordained as an elder there. In 2011 he joined the commission of Trinity Church, being ordained as an elder at Trinity upon particularization. He and his wife Nikki have five children.