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February, 2019

In light of recent legislation in New York State permitting late term abortions, we are compelled by love for our neighbors, and an earnest desire that the laws of our state provide justice especially for those who cannot speak or act for themselves, to make the following statement:

  1. Apart from any biblical or theological considerations, it is an undeniable biological fact that human beings are formed in the wombs of their mothers. What we call pregnancy (or some artificial replication of it) is the means by which, from conception, a human life is formed, nourished, and protected until the child is able to survive on his or her own. No serious study of our species can fail to acknowledge this.
  2. Increasingly sophisticated scientific instruments now conclusively show that unborn infants have recognizably human features and functions from the earliest weeks of pregnancy.
  3. There is no scientifically credible argument against the fact that what is forming in a human pregnancy is a separate human being, or that terminating a pregnancy terminates a forming human life, albeit one dependent on the life of his or her mother. That such dependency is marshalled to deny the humanness of the unborn is a chilling sophistry.
  4. A society has no more compelling interest than to protect, preserve, and promote human life, especially the lives of those too weak and vulnerable to defend themselves; human lives being formed in pregnancy certainly fall into this latter category.
  5. We therefore denounce the abortion-on-demand industry, and the laws that make it possible. We denounce the theory of "reproductive rights" that attempts to justify killing unborn humans. We call on our public officials to do everything in their power to protect, preserve, and promote human life from the moment of conception, and to repent of giving legal sanction to the unjust taking of human life.
  6. We commend to Christian readers the biblical and theological reasoning in the majority report of the Committee to Study the Matter of Abortion, presented to the 38th General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in 1971 (
  7. We invite all fellow Christians to join us in proclaiming what God has revealed in nature and scripture concerning the gift of human life and the duty of protecting it.
  8. We commend to expecting mothers who may be considering the possibility of an abortion the care, counsel, and help provided by crisis pregnancy centers such as Soundview Pregnancy Services.